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05. 07. 2017 - Architecture, Art, Luxury, People, Places, St Barths, Travel
Meeting with architect Johannes Zingerle in St Barths.

Meeting in Saline with architect Johannes Zingerle from Design Affairs.


Where are you born and where did you grow up? tell us a little bit about you.

I am born in Merano in the italian Alps where i finished high school, then i moved to Austria to study architecture at the technical university of Vienna. I travelled with scholarships around the world until i got hitten by hurricane Luis in St Barths.

You live and work in St Barths. Tell us the story behind about your architecture agency?

Design Affairs started with an idea of three friends to create a creative pool for design and architecture in St Barths.

How would you describe your work?

I am a passionate. Its a game for me to create happy spaces.

The materials you use?

Up to the locations.

Where could we find your beautiful work?

Where needed and where asked.

How would you describe your style? 


In which well known architects do you have adoration with?

Le Corbusier, Marcia Kogan.

Where do you take inspirations from?

Travelling and imagination

What  is your favorite city and country?

The last one I was in …but for food definitely Italy.

What do you like the most in St Barths?

Saline beach at night with a bottle of Ruinart. 🙂

3 words to describe St Barths?

Saline – Grand Fond – Toiny .

Your next travels?

South America. CP

Credit Pics: Jean Philippe Piter

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