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16. 10. 2017 - Luxury, Places, Switzerland, Travel, Wellness
The Weekend Escape at Clinique La Prairie.

Clinique La Prairie is THE unique pioneering medical retreat that combines the innovative science and holistic wellness with the traditions of the Swiss hospitality. I have always wanted to visit this exclusive legendary Swiss clinic for longevity and wellness. It was on my top list of destination I wanted to experience in my life. My expectations were met; I found everything I was looking for at Clinique La Prairie. A unique combination of exceptional healthcare and wellness, a fabulous spa, an excellent skincare product line, an innovative dietetic gourmet restaurant and on the top of that a service of 5 stars hotel!

Located in Montreux, on the Swiss Riviera, Clinique la Prairie enjoys an exclusive location facing the Lake Leman. The establishment offers nine medical and wellness programs which lasting between five to six days. For those who are living not far away, Clinique La Prairie have launched recently “The Week End Escape program”.

Thanks to this new program, I could participate in an unforgettable healthy weekend. A unique experience in a lifetime.

Once passed the main entrance of La Clinique, there is an magnificent garden that makes you already feel that is the perfect place to relax and disconnect.

For the history… In 2016, Clinique La Prairie celebrated its 85 years anniversary. In 1931, brilliant Professor Paul Niehans first introduced treatments using cellular therapy to stimulate the immune system. He has treated more than 5000 patients over the years. Then, the clinic became internationally recognized following the treatment given to Pope Pius XII.

I was perfectly welcomed on a Friday afternoon among flowers, fountain, fresh air, views of the lake and the Alps. This is what I call Heaven.

With my wellness program in hand, I was ready to jump on my weekend. From dietetic gourmet and vegan meals to personalized body Thai massage and facial treatments (a real deep and fantastic facial!), with a private intense workout session – a hard mix of core exercises and Pilates at the Health Club, (merci Alex!) I have been enjoying so much this exclusive place.

The entire team is carefully attentive for each of your needs. Discretion and exclusivity are the key words in this quiet environment.

Clinique La Prairie works with an exclusive skincare line based on iris, a vegetal cellular formula. Called Swiss Perfection, a blue and white packaging, a light texture and the smell of the iris remind this intimate place in the heart of Switzerland.

I will be back very soon! CP.


Picture credits: Jeremy Spierer
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